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Family Law

Dealing with family law issues are difficult and often life-changing experiences. Family laws pertain to divorce, adoption, child custody, spousal support, abuse, reproductive rights, domestic violence, division of property and more, and these cases are emotionally challenging for everyone involved.

Navigating these complex cases requires careful consideration of the issues, strategic legal planning, and knowledge of the law and court procedures. Family law matters can involve rules and regulations at the State or Federal level, or both, and because we understand that each case is different we carefully consider what is best for you and then guide you through the process, including trial if necessary.

Don’t go it alone. Call on Marino & Ehle when you need an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate family law attorney in Louisiana. We never hand off cases to lesser experienced attorneys, so when sensitive personal legal matters arise working with Marino & Ehle attorneys can improve your chances of obtaining the outcome you desire. Some areas of family law with which we are able to assist include:

Spousal Support

Some spouses will be granted support payments while their divorce is pending in court. This is called “interim spousal support.” Interim spousal support is determined by one spouses’ need and the other spouses’ ability to pay the support. 

Some spouses, under certain circumstances, will be granted “final spousal support.” The party awarded final spousal support must be “fault free” in the break up of the marriage.

For much more information concerning spousal support, please call us.

Child Support

In almost every divorce case where children were born of a marriage, one spouse will have pay the other child support.  There are many circumstances and factors to consider. Call us, we can help. 

Grandparent’s Rights Cases

In some circumstances, grandparents have visitation rights. If you are a grandparent unable to visit your grandchildren because their parents have separated or divorced, call us to determine if you have visitation rights. 

Community Property Partitions

During most marriages, community property is acquired. Property is considered community if it is acquired after the marriage provided there is not a separate property agreement. Community property maybe movable or immovable property.  In other words, the property maybe furniture and cars (movables) or real estate (immovables). You may partition the community property only after a judgment of divorce. 

Protective Orders

The purpose of a protective order is to provide relief to victims of domestic violence. A court may grant a protective order to stop the abuse of a spouse, minor children, or any person, under certain circumstances. If you are plaintiff or defendant related to a protective order pleading, call us because we can help you.